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If you’re a therapist performing deep tissue massage day after day, and have clients that continually request deep bodywork then Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is the workshop for you!

We have successfully helped thousands of therapists, saving their hands, back and wrists from repetitive stress injuries. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is a truly unique form of barefoot massage that allows you to flow into a creative space where you can utilize your entire body to deliver a deep, soothing, therapeutic massage. Going with gravity instead of fighting it, Ashiatsu therapists enjoy the ease of simply focusing their weight into the area they're working on. This modality will noticeably extend the life of your massage career!

Barefoot Basics

Barefoot Basics Workshop

3 Days • 25 CE Credits • $595.00

Pre-Requirements: Licensed/Certified Massage Practitioner

This is the introductory class to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. Therapists will have lots of “feet on” time in this class. Strokes learned will be with one foot, focusing on the posterior aspect of the body. By the third day therapists will deliver a full prone Ashiatsu massage on a provided male guest client. Emphasis during the three-day workshop will be on body mechanics, barefoot application, contraindications, marketing, and bar construction. A deposit of $300 is required to hold your spot in class. Only eight students maximum per workshop.

Portland, OR Workshop Dates:

Dec 8 - Dec 10

Portland, OR Workshop Dates (2015):

May 11 - May 13,  Oct 5 - Oct 7,  Dec 7 - Dec 9


Anterior / Side lying

1 Day • 8 CE Credits • $199.00

Pre-Requirements: Barefoot Basics

The anterior approach to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is a wonderful complement to the posterior strokes learned in Barefoot Basics. This one-day course is conveniently taught right after Barefoot Basics to continue the flowing barefoot effleurage and to deliver a full body Ashiatsu treatment. If you plan on offering an Ashiatsu session over 60 minutes or full body Ashiatsu treatments, then you really want to consider taking this class. The anterior portion of the class focuses on safe application of barefoot massage performed on the supine aspect of the body, while side-lying is more of a clinical approach, working with the client’s assistance to massage muscles such as the QL’s, Teres, Serrates, Lats and upper traps.

Portland, OR Workshop Dates:

Dec 12

Portland, OR Workshop Dates (2015):

May 14,  Oct 8,  Dec 10

Workshop Application

Deep Feet Bar Therapy

Due to the limited number of openings and large demand for this training, there is now an application process. To apply please fill out the questionnaire below and allow 7-14 business days to receive a response back. Thank you for your interest in our barefoot training courses.

Prior to completing the application, please review the Physical Requirements & Refund Policy. A non refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure your space in the workshop, and it is paid after your application has been reviewed and your spot confirmed. Once you pay the deposit, you will receive a secondary confirmation via email stating you are enrolled in the class as well as a link with additional information to prepare you for the workshop. If you have any questions regarding the workshop, the application or registration process please email Nancy DeLong at:

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