Ruth Cole, Manager, LMT

Ruth’s passion to support people and her interest in alternative healthcare brought her from Upstate New York to Portland, Oregon where she attended East-West College of the Healing Arts, graduating in 2002. Since then she has spent over eleven years as a massage therapist and nearly two as an HR manager/ customer service representative.

Ruth’s overall role at Mudra is to promote health and wellness for the community, facilitate a supportive environment, and assist in creating a strong, robust business for all to enjoy. In her previous management job, she had the opportunity to gain customer service, as well as operational and therapist talent management experience and applies this knowledge to her current position.

Kirsten Stone, LMT

Kirsten has been practicing massage for over a decade. She studied Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point technique(s) at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. Shortly after, Kirsten furthered her exploration of massage while traveling abroad, absorbing vital knowledge through her visits to Southeast Asia.

In 2006 Kirsten was introduced to Ashiatsu, a modality that appealed to her from the start. As an artist, Kirsten perceives massage as a means of expressing herself. She thinks of it as a dance, a movement of energy. She feels passionately about the freedom Ashiatsu has given her to move around the body with fluidity and grace, not to mention the improved ability to deliver deep and controlled pressure. What Kirsten enjoys most about massage is the chance to simply be quiet with another person, interfacing with others on a deeper level.

Erika Mueller, LMT

Erika has always been led to the health care field and found her place with Massage Therapy. She graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in 2008.

Erika is trained in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, Swedish, hot stone and sports massage. She uses a fusion of these therapies to customize every session to her client’s specific needs. With great technical ability and strong presence she helps to bring awareness to her clients, and acts as a facilitator in the healing process.

Erika truly appreciates self-care and helps her clients find the value and benefit in preventative health care. It is her intention to help others experience the many benefits massage has to offer, and to be a resource for her clients.

Matthew Dalton, LMT

Matthew's background as an athlete and yogi lends to an intuitive connection and understanding with the body that transcends his in-depth working knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy. Mathew specializes in Ashiatsu, Ashi-Thai, deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, hot stones, massage cupping and Gua-Sha.

Matthew's strengths as a therapist are in decreasing pain and increasing mobility. By listening to your body and applying broad, deep, and slow pressure he is able to not only affect profound release but also induce deep relaxation. He combines this with personalized Yoga poses, stretches and exercises designed to empower his clients to appreciate a deeper connection with their own sense of mobility in space.

Brittany McDonald, LMT

The origin of Brittany's awakening to the healing power of touch, occurred during a moment of clarity while receiving her first massage. Following this experience she set out on her life's work, compelled to be in the service of helping others. Graduating from East-West College of the Healing Arts in 2003, she has ten years of study, a natural curiosity, determination and practice molding her into the therapist she is today. Brittany understands that we are continually being challenged both mentally and physically and brings her passion and working knowledge into each massage session. She understands that no two massages are alike, and that we all have our individual stressors and react uniquely. Specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage, hot stone and Thai massage, her commitment to growth and expansion is both contagious and inspiring.

Whitney Starnes, LMT

Whitney has always wanted to help people heal in her profession. She attended Oregon School of Massage and studied a wide scope of specialties during her education including deep tissue, trigger point, oncology, Reiki and sports massage. Whitney received her first Ashiatsu barefoot massage from Mudra Massage owner Nancy DeLong and quickly realized it would be an important modality to employ in her own practice.

Being a natural healer, Whitney truly enjoys helping people solve their physical issues to help bring understanding and peace to their daily lives. Whitney has learned that no two sessions are alike and that everyone has their own set of life experiences and a unique relationship to their body, which deeply affects their personal massage style preferences and needs. Whitney offers her clients a safe haven to receive true therapeutic touch whether for recovery, chronic pain, or relaxation.

Brenda Anderson, LMT

Brenda was always intrigued by the bodies' natural ability to heal itself, a fact that ultimately lead her to massage. A graduate of Oregon School of Massage in 2007, she has found passion in her calling. Areas of focus while in school included deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy and trigger point therapy. Later in her massage career, she discovered Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy which reinvigorated her enthusiasm and expanded her skill set.

During massage school, Brenda took her first Reiki initiation and is now a level II practitioner. Brenda has a natural sensitivity to energy and brings this into her massage sessions. She combines her skills with intuition to customize each session and bring wholeness to the body. Being drawn to Yoga has also played an integral role in shaping how she understands and deals with the body.

David Whitlow, LMT

David became licensed for Massage in 2009. His practice focuses on helping human beings connect with their bodies. Through education and experience, he helps bring awareness to disfunction in movement and to possible muscle trauma. He has an innate ability to help discover unhealthy patterns and employs this skill when treating a variety of physical issues.

David has primarily studied deep tissue, sports massage, pregnancy massage, and trigger point therapy. Additionally, he practices Swedish and draws upon knowledge from Trauma Releasing Exercise in his practice. He will always give you enough pressure and checks in regularly with new clientele. As an athlete, David relates all too well to Injury rehabilitation, sports therapy, and connecting the mind to the body.

Merlin Arbor, LMT

Merlin brings equal skill to both relaxation and treatment-oriented massage. The opportunity to be in wordless conversation with another, spontaneously offering and responding through a flow of touch, is what has held Merlin's interest in her field for over ten years. Her professional training began at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2002 and continues today in her study of Ashiatsu with Nancy DeLong.

An intuitive sensitivity and keen understanding of anatomy allow her to resolve areas of restricted movement or pain in layer-by-layer sequences that work with the body's own pace for letting go. Her style is particularly beneficial for those who rely on a sense of ease in the body and full range of motion to achieve their goals for work and play: athletes, yoga practitioners, musicians, dancers, climbers, martial artists, and those who work with tools.