Experience A Float, Connect With Yourself

Experience A Float, Connect With Yourself

I have always enjoyed the sensation of floating. Whenever I go swimming, I spend most my time floating. I get a sense of freedom as I let go of tension within my body and let the water hold me. Having experienced my own series of life’s aches pains through the years, lying down, flat on my back is not something I can readily do as when I was a child. But when floating in water, being on my back is a breeze. I also love to look up to the sky while gently rocking in water, watching clouds pass by. But floating in a pool or lake has its limitations. Entering a relaxing float-tank, however, opens up an entire new world of experience.

Also known as deprivation or isolation tanks, float tanks have been around since the 1960s as a type of relaxation therapy. These tanks are individual chambers, with on average, 300 gallons of water, but not just any water. Using Epsom salt, the water is saturated to the point of making our bodies buoyant when submerged. This means you float no matter how much you weigh, how much muscle to fat ratio you have, no matter your body type. When the body floats fully supported, it can relax. A state of deep relaxation encourages the body’s own healing.

But you can experience more than just physical relaxation inside a darkened float tank. While the water takes away your body’s need to be alert and work to control movements, the absence of light and sound takes away the mind’s need to react, process or think actively. Depriving your senses with a purpose towards relaxation can aid in experiencing a deep meditative state. Meditation is a simple, yet complex process, which all too often is found more difficult for trying. If you have tried meditating before and find it hard to let go of distractions, I highly recommend trying a float tank.

I recently had the pleasure of a relaxing float tank session at Mudra Massage. As one of their specialized therapies offered, it was worth every moment. Once I was armed with some fantastic tips, such as hanging a wash cloth outside the door, I was given complete privacy and plenty of time to experience my float. Once within the tank, it took only a moment for me to begin to relax as a lay back and floated. It took no effort to keep my body laying down, and there was no risk of my head sinking below the surface. The water literally cradled me completely.

Everyone will experience something different within a float tank. Some can hear their heart beating clearly, while others have enjoyed a mini vacation as they visualized themselves on a beach. For myself, what I recall in greatest detail was the feeling of a few small air bubbles along my shoulders and neck. It is natural to move a bit in the tank, a few times I lifted my head for a moment, when I lay back down, I could feel the tiniest, pinhead-sized air bubbles, one by one as they moved along my skin to the surface of the water.

I am normally very ticklish, to the point of discomfort, but this was different. The sensation of each little, individual air bubble brought my full awareness to my skin; how it felt smooth and rounded over my shoulder, curved along my neck. The bubbles moved in such a way, that all I could do was acknowledge the presence of a distinct moment with air and water at play upon my body, myself. I was an integral part of this occurrence, it simply was a moment, yet so much more, for the state of mind I was in was whole, calm and reflective.

While I was able to let go of the outside world and internal mind chatter throughout much of my float, I was truly surprised when my session ended. Signaled with a lovely, soft gong and relaxing music, I did not feel as though I had been floating for over an hour. I was within a different space and time, place and experience while floating. I came out feeling refreshed, recharged and connected with my inner-self. It was for me, an incredible experience which I plan to repeat.

If you are intrigued to experience your own float tank session, Mudra Massage has appointments available throughout the week. Floating done in combination with massage also enhances the health benefits of each type of alternative health therapy. The team at Mudra Massage understand that a holistic, whole-ness approach to health can benefit anyone. You can experience renewal through relaxation, within a beautiful atmosphere, which speaks to all the senses, at Mudra Massage. You can book online, or call for an appointment: 503-706-2225.

- Lana Barry