Discovering Ashiatsu

Discovering Ashiatsu

As a licensed massage therapist, I have received a lot of massages as part of my training and for my own self-care practice. I’ve had some bad ones, some okay ones, and some really great treatments by talented therapists. However, I had never received a massage that delivered such profound and lasting results until I discovered Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.

Like many of the clients I work with, I prefer a very firm massage. I’m strong. I have a lot of muscle. I work hard, play hard and need good firm, consistent pressure to get relief. When I discovered Ashiatsu, it was like my body finally received the proper treatment it had needed all of these years!

To clarify, Ashiatsu oriental bar therapy is performed by the therapist using their feet to deliver broad, deep effleurage and compression strokes to the body to release all of the large and deep muscle groups. There are parallel bars above the massage table for the therapist to use for stability and variable pressure. Because the pressure is more broad and diffused, it is deep without being painful. It is referred to as the “deepest, most luxurious massage in the world.” And that’s no joke!

The first time I received Ashiatsu, it changed my life and my massage practice forever! Never before had I had such relief from any other modality of massage. It decompressed my spine, lengthened my tight muscles, and improved the mobility of my hips and shoulders like nothing else. I felt like my entire body had been steam rolled (in a good way)! I was hooked. I had to learn this modality so that I could share it with the clients I work with. A few weeks later I was signed up to begin training here a Mudra Massage with Nancy Failla DeLong.

Ashiatsu is great for clients who desire a gratifying, results-driven treatment session. It’s well suited and adaptable to meet the needs of physically fit individuals, larger clients, and those who can never seem to get enough pressure in a massage. It can of course be modified for those who prefer moderate pressure as well. It’s also great for chronic upper and low back pain relief, improved posture and joint mobility, sciatica, tight hamstrings and IT bands, Lordosis, and Kyphosis to name a few. Whether the work you do is physically active, or involves working at a computer, this form of massage is definitely worth considering to help you feel better and more balanced in your body.

~Vanessa Duthie, LMT